Valley Bank is part of the Allpoint ATM Network!       

Allpoint is America's largest Surcharge-Free ATM network with over 43,000 locations around the world.  Valley Bank customers can now avoid pesky ATM and bank service charges when accessing any Allpoint member ATM.  There are currently 10 member ATM's in the Flathead Valley alone and you can count on finding Allpoint ATM's at any Costco, Target, Zip Trip & 7-Eleven. Use the ATM Locator on our homepage or simply look for an ATM branded with the Allpoint logo.
***FYI:  Although these ATM's are surcharge free, most of them will still ask you if you are willing to pay the fee and continue.  Please ignore this prompt and choose "I AGREE".  If the ATM does charge you, the Allpoint network will gladly refund those fees as soon as they are notified.