To our valued customers of Valley Bank, we hope you are having a wonderful Fall! To each of you, here’s to an early Season’s Greetings.

Recently we became aware there was a breach of information outside of Valley Bank relating to some of our customers debit cards. This could have happened any time in the last few months, anywhere.  The “bad guys” then were able to make their own “plastic” debit cards with whatever name they wanted with our customer’s debit card numbers.  When you are a merchant and you accept debit cards, all the merchant is required to do is make sure the name on the receipt matches the name “signed” on the back of the card.  Debit card transactions cannot be returned.

On November 11, 2017, our customers began to notice transactions to their accounts that they did not make. A majority of them were at Walmart locations in Texas.  The “bad guys” verify an amount to see if the card is approved.  They then will purchase gift cards to reuse at other businesses in increments of $200.00 until the accounts run out of money.  As customers are calling into the bank we are placing their old number into a “hot card” status, closing their debit cards and reissuing a new number.  At this time the customer is given provisional credit for any unauthorized transactions.  Our customers will not suffer a loss.

We sincerely apologize to those of you who have had their debit cards compromised. We will work as quickly as possible to rectify the situation and get it cleared up.




Gary Madison, CEO